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"Brazil's new president has scientists worried. With formal support from the United States for Brazil's entry on oecd on May 2019, Bolsonaro said that "currently, all 36 members of the organization support the entry of the country, fruit of confidence in the new Brazil being built, more free, open and fair". Retrieved b "Bolsonaro: após unio gay, próximo passo é legalizar pedofilia". Retrieved "Unlikely and unlikable, Jair Bolsonaro could lead Brazil". Retrieved 6 September 2018. Methods of birth control have to be provided for those who, unfortunately, are ignorant and have no means to control their offspring. This is what I stand for and I'm not worried about getting votes in the future. 152 Bolsonaro also said that the State of Palestine "is not a country, so there should be no embassy here adding that "you don't negotiate with terrorists." 152 The announcement was warmly received by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin. 103 Bolsonaro is viewed as a pro-life, 104 anti-establishment and pro-gun politician, voicing opposition to most forms of gun control legislation, arguing that law-abiding citizens have the right to self-defense, especially those living in rural areas.

29 According to Bolsonaro, who claims to be persecuted by the left-wing parties, most congressmen do not vote according to their agenda, but "by who the author of the bill is". "Taddone revela genealogia de Bolsonaro: 13 dos 16 trisavôs do candidato so italianos da Toscana, do Vêneto e da Calábria". 159 160 Bolsonaro praised British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, saying that he had learned from Churchill: "Patriotism, love for your fatherland, respect for your flag something that has been lost over the last few years here in Brazil. This traditional event will go forward at another location on the original date and time." 173 Bolsonaro has supported plans to open the Reserva Nacional do Cobre e Associados (Renca) Amazonian reserve in Brazil's northern states of Pará and Amapá to commercial mining. Retrieved "2019 Person of the Year Awards". During Bolsonaro's campaign, some observers saw similarities between the Brazilian president-elect and the.S. Later he studied at the Army Physical Training School in Rio de Janeiro and served in the 21st Field Artillery Group and the 8th Paratrooper Field Artillery Group, from the Paratrooper Brigade, both in the same city.

"Bolsonaro: "Un abrazo a Macri, que terminó con la 'Dilma Kirchner Bolsonaro: "A hug for Macri, who ended the 'Dilma-Kirchner. After the first round, when his victory already looked certain, Bolsonaro gave a speech by videolink to thousands of supporters who gathered at the Paulista Avenue, in So Paulo. Either they go overseas, or they go to jail. 65 Harvard 's Steven Levitsky stated that Bolsonaro "is clearly authoritarian but not a fascist. "TSE aprova por unanimidade candidatura de Bolsonaro à Presidência". His coalition name was "Brazil above everything, God above everyone" ( Brasil acima de tudo, Deus acima de todos ). 40 He also promised more austerity measures and cuts in government spending, but had difficulty naming the areas where he would make these cuts. La Nación (in Spanish). During his 27-year tenure as a congressman, he became known for his strong support of national conservatism. 205 This lawsuit was dismissed by the Supreme Federal Court as Bolsonaro was inaugurated as president in 2019 and acquired immunity from prosecution.

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President Donald Trump to make Brazil a nato member in March 2019, Bolsonaro said: "the discussions with the United States will begin in the coming months". His party was accused of diverting public campaign funds to candidates that did not run for office. He was forced to fire her after the Supreme Federal Court ruled that nepotism is illegal in the public administration. "Bolsonaro inaugura o presidencialismo de assombraço, diz Renato Lessa". However, things could change quickly if he gains power." 64 Jason Stanley, a Yale philosopher who has published widely on Nazism, argued in an interview that Bolsonaro "uses more tactics associated to fascism than the American president Donald Trump". He ended up acquitted by the majority of the court (9 x 4 votes).

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People who aren't prepared to have children, shouldn't have them. He said: This time, the clean-up will be even greater. "Brazil Presidential Candidate Jair Bolsonaro Is Stabbed at Campaign Rally". A b Campos, Ana Cristina. As a Congressman, Bolsonaro put forward three bills trying to remove "virtually all" legal restrictions to surgical sterilisation via the public health system, including the reduction of "the minimum age of sterilization to 21 years". "Brazil's Bolsonaro names Trump fan top diplomat as Cuba relations sour". A b "Saiba quem so os 22 ministros da Esplanada de Bolsonaro". 154 Bolsonaro with Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2019 Bolsonaro has also praised.S. 28 In his 27 years of service in the Brazilian National Congress, he put forward one constitutional amendment and at least 171 bills, passing two of them into law. "Bolsonaro era agressivo e tinha 'excessiva ambiço diz ficha militar".

118 He has made statements that some people considered insulting, homophobic, 119 violence-inciting, misogynistic, sexist, racist or anti-refugee. Retrieved 16 September 2018. A b "Israel hails election of Brazil's controversial Bolsonaro, who plans visit soon". Retrieved "Renda, estudo e regio separam eleitores de Lula e Bolsonaro". 32 33 Presidential campaign (2018) Main article: Jair Bolsonaro presidential campaign On, Bolsonaro was officially nominated by the Social Liberal Party (PSL) as its presidential candidate for the 2018 election. His predecessor, Michel Temer, had a cabinet of 29 members. His voters are usually male and white, with a noticeable gender gap, with Bolsonaro polling poorly among female voters (mustering only 18 support with this demographic). 99 His electorate is mainly formed by adults above the age of 34, the working middle to upper class (mainly in the southeast region of the country conservatives in general, college graduates, some centrists and the Christian right. "Por que este professor de Harvard acredita que a democracia brasileira está em risco".

"Capito Bolsonaro, a história esquecida Observatório da Imprensa Você nunca mais vai ler jornal do mesmo jeito". Archived from the original on Retrieved 7 September 2018. "Flávio Bolsonaro 177 Senador_RJ Verified account". "Bolsonaro business backers accused of illegal Whatsapp fake news campaign". 11 Bolsonaro has publicly referred to the military dictatorship as a "glorious" period in Brazil's history, 131 and that under the military dictatorship, Brazil enjoyed "20 years of order and progress". 155 Bolsonaro is widely considered to be the most pro-American candidate in Brazil since the 1980s. Retrieved "Bolsonaro posa com vizinhos no Rio antes de se mudar para Brasília".

PSL members have said that if elected, he will dramatically improve relations between the United States and Brazil. Retrieved "STJ determina que Bolsonaro indenize Maria do Rosário por danos morais". And if such aggression is committed for a reason like this, you have to have your sentence increased." 216 Views on political violence On multiple occasions, Bolsonaro has publicly endorsed physical violence as a legitimate and necessary form of political action. Retrieved 13 September 2018. 137 138 In a TV interview with Câmera Aberta in the 1990s, Bolsonaro said that if he ever became President, he would use this as an opportunity to shut down the National Congress and instigate a military coup himself. Military base in Brazil to counter Russian influence in the region. Retrieved 11 September 2018. "Folha de ulo Câmara: Palmada muda filho "gayzinho declara deputado federal ".

"Bolsonaro recebe alta e deixa hospital em So Paulo". 105 According to The Washington Post, "Homicides hit a record high of 63,880 last year. "Macron Calls on G7 Countries to Discuss Amazon Forest in Summit". 53 54 The "edge of the beach it was later confirmed by a Bolsonaro aide, was a reference to a Navy base at Restinga da Marambaia, in Rio de Janeiro State, where dissidents of the Brazilian military dictatorship were tortured and killed by the regime. O Estado. Retrieved "O inquietante 'fenômeno Bolsonaro.

On his father's side, he is the great-grandson of Italians from Veneto and Calabria. 196 Bolsonaro has denied saying that women should receive less than men; he claims it was statistical data by ibge. "Dilma Rousseff: Brazilian congress votes to impeach president". "Para rebater deputada, Bolsonaro diz que no a 'estupraria. "Nunca mais, nunca menos". Correspondent, Tom Phillips Latin America. "Jair Bolsonaro sworn in as president of Brazil". "Jair Bolsonaro defende golpe militar de 1964 em recepço a Yoani Sánchez". O Estado de So Paulo (in Portuguese). 2, he joined the reserve army in 1988 with the rank of captain and ran for the, rio de Janeiro City Council that same year, being elected while a member of the.

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Brazilian Army's field artillery and parachutist groups. Retrieved "Bolsonaro diz que Macron busca instrumentalizar uma questo interna e critica tom sensacionalista sobre miriam leone porno itsetyydytys novellit a Amazônia" (in Portuguese). "Bolsonaro determina "comemoraçes devidas" do 31 de março". 94 He said that "We will continue doing everything possible to re-establish order, democracy and freedom there". These red outlaws will be banned from our homeland.